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Are the french really a 'better educated race'

Are the french Cheap Pandora Australia really a 'better educated race'

For famed british comedian and actor stephen fry there simply no quotation, french youngsters are educated than british youngsters.

Are still undertaking a comparative study of french and british primary education and the french come out so much better, the presenter told radio stations times magazine.

Schoolchildren, you may notice them, are so much more well behaved and engaged in what they are doing and concentrating i think most of the time, demonstrably a better schooled race, he explained.

Fry is not alone in having one of these opinion, with many envious british and americans having voiced similar views in the past.

But is in france they education system that good?The local asks three people prepared, the actual Pandora Dangles Charms president of france biggest teaching union to offer their views.They make for pleasant reading.

Director of france snuippfsu teaching union, sebastien sihr:

Schools have enjoyed success during the last thirty years with the average ability of pupils rising.Their skills have risen in certain areas like tool, but at the same our guidance system has real problems.

Many pupils are failing in school.Around 20 percent of students aged 11 are failing and we need to advance to reduce that number.

Unions are battling for the government to make primary education a priority because for decades our country has under invested in primary schools.

Recent study demonstrated that france invested on average 15 percent less per student, per year in primary schools that other states in the oecd.

That various countries education systems show our schools have weaknesses.For example installed a lot of students under stress.One study revealed that 15 year olds in france are the least likely to answer questions as they are too scared to get the answer wrong.

"The way french pupils are marked needs to be regarded"

Stress is only increased in a time of marketplace because a young person entire future in france can hinge on them getting a good results in school.

A long time we have needed to reflect on the wellbeing of our youngsters in schools and the atmosphere in which they learn.Today this question is being debated more.

Also need to look at the way are children are marked from such a young age along with training of teachers.Now is the time to reflect on these things and be sure our schools offer the best conditions for pupils to learn in.

One area where the british look up to Cheap Pandora Bracelets in france they is the maternelles(Nursery educational facilities), Where we educate children from three yrs.Old.These play a important role in our education system.

Don agree with the british system of having opposition between schools and publishing results in league tables.All schools does should also be equal and offer the same standard of education and the same teaching.

"In france they are simply not better educated race.In online comparative tests of pupils abilities, neither english nor french pupils rank very highly.In the modern 2009 pisa tests, which tested 15 year olds in the 60 countries, the french on average scored slightly better than the british in reading awareness and maths, but less well in nutrition.

"It true that the best french youngsters must amass an impressive display of knowledge to pass the general baccalaur school leaving exam:It very similar to taking 5 or 6 a levels.But only one third of french pupils sometimes pass this exam.Another third takes a more skills oriented or baccalaur which doesn have anything like alike academic standard, and some other third either fails these school leaving exams or simply doesn take them.

"Almost 20% of french kids actually drop out of school with no certificates, and their standard of literacy is small, according to both french and meeting place studies.

"Fry are comparing apples and oranges.The best french pupils compare confidently with the best english ones, but are not greatly educated.But there no evidence that the french as a whole are either better behaved or more engaged and paying attention.In actuality, a recurring theme of the critics of french education might curriculum is dull and unengaging.

"You are able to, some training centers, individuals in deprived areas, are undoable cases.If fry hasn yet visited it, he need to watch the movie journ de la jupe starring isabelle adjani, who struggles to manipulate a rowdy classroom, and is able to teach a lesson on moli when she brandishes a gun she found in one of her students bags.This has both positive and negative consequences.

Primary level french pupils get a particularly nice grounding of the three rs(Analyzing, writing and math).All the kids can write incredibly well well, and when i look at the writing ability of children of the identical age in england, i am outraged.

The same in maths, where the times tables are drummed into the children and they have to recite them all the time.This is a really good thing because kids need to learn to read.

Downside is there is a lack of resourcefulness and creativity.Pupils are not taught to question anything and this gets to be more evident at secondary level.It not quite learning, school is about thinking of ways to daily problems and that where the french system fails.

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