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08 Jul 15 - 21:04

Apple introduces activation lock to curb iphone thefts

Apple introduces activation Pandora Clips lock to curb iphone thefts

Apple features a new feature called 'activation lock' which is expected to provide potent protection against iphone thefts.The technology giant announced the anti theft feature at the on going worldwide developers conference in s.Fransisco.To take this, guides huffington post.

Apple's existing feature 'find my iphone' allowed owners to merely trace their phones whenever the thieves Pandora Bracelets Australia switch it on and delete their important data.Within the other hand, the new feature makes the phone inoperable by prompting the thieves to supply icloud account information even if they want to turn off the 'find my iphone' program.

In line with the report, although some customers consider it as a welcome step owing to quantity of thefts in the past year and subsequent killings by thieves over smartphones, there are also some people Pandora Jewellery Australia who find it is not a computer advanced concept.

Robert boken, whose daughter was shot dead by a man who tried to steal Pandora Charms Australia Cheap her iphone expressed his distress with the company's late introduction of anti theft feature, adding that it is not a complete feature as a burglar isn't going to ask the iphone owner to see if they're on icloud before stealing.

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