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26 Jul 15 - 20:20

Chan dakedo ai sae areba kankei nai yo ne discussion thread

-I think one reason i'm not going to like gin scenes very much is that the whole gimmick with her is that akito is oblivious to her feelings.And that requires him to act like a typical dumb protagonist, which totally ruins the appeal of his character as a much more levelheaded male mc than other harem shows get.So the less of that the better.

-Hole-Chan!See what i mean?Compare this scene and the first scene.It's like the mc is a completely different character.I'll take this version thanks.That and i just like ana more.Sexy sexy ana.

-Also can i say fuck yeah oniai for realizing that you can have a broadcast-Acceptable bathing scene without horrific beams of light or blinding steam?

-Oh wow.Yes, everyone rub themselves all over ginbei please.And, uh.But, er, she's still not convinced.Heh, if only she knew she had her fears backwards.

-PotatoShirt.Imo(Uto).Shirt. BestShirt Religionjeansuk yet!

-Uh, you're True Religion Jeans Outlet being kinda creepy there, arashi.

Arashi is my least favorite character overall, but i love that she's totally serious about getting the girls just as much as akito.

Akito gets ginbei an expensive cake, and ginbei changes out of her tracksuit for something girly.Then she spills her tea and akito is shown the door for trying to clean the spill.Next, he gets trapped in ana's room and she uses a banana peel to keep him hostage.The girls gather in the bath, and ask akito to deliver some more body lotion.Ginbe gets it, and slips and falls on akito in Religionjeansuk the process.Akito is in such a mess now.

Alright, i think i had enough of this show for now.This episode is exactly what i was afraid of.Akiko is pushed to the side, all while akito is being lured into pervertdom.Akito is a good lead, and akiko is a great character.But there is just something wrong with the rest of the girls in the harem, with ana being the most annoying of the bunch.Ginbei is alright, but ana and arashi are just driving me nuts.In this situation, akito should have just left the lotion at True Religion Womens Jeans the door and retreat to his room.Of course, he got caught up in the moment and it slipped out of his mind.

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