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Are your rubies the real deal

Are your rubies the real deal

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry realise out it's not what you paid for.It's happening to consumers nationally, and some experts in the jewelry industry said it is time it stopped.

A relatively recent category of rubies is being sold as the real deal.Almost certainly aren't aware of them and, on the grounds that"Good dawn america"Realized, neither are one particular selling them.The decoration of the imperial crown of india is a ruby.The fact is that, the finest natural rubies sell over the finest colorless diamonds.Even so"Gma"Discovered that some companies are selling rubies that aren't entirely natural.

They're called amalgamated rubies, the variety of ruby fused together with glass.To the human eye alone, a core set of difference, but examined under Pandora Charms Australia Cheap a microscopic lense, gas bubbles that form as the glass cools are visible in the composite rubies.

Experts say blend rubies are fragile, and that they're only worth a part of the value of natural rubies.

"There is a huge addition of glass in this specific product.And while it looks appealing, extreme care needs to be exercised while wearing them, matlins understood.

"Gma"Asked if the rubies we had arrived buying needed special care.

"It won't need special care, a macy's employee in the big apple said.

But usually, the care and cleaning can ruin composite rubies.

"These aren't nearly as durable as a real ruby would be, stated that craig lynch, qualified senior gemologist at ouellet and lynch.

Hybrids easily damaged by jewelers' chemicals

In an research, lynch demonstrated what happens to a composite ruby when it's exposed to the harmful chemicals that any jeweler would use to repair or reset a piece of jewelry.Two a few a matter of seconds in, the harmful chemicals start to eat away at the glass.

"If it was a frequent ruby, nothing happens.Which you can leave it in here for days, nothing happens, lynch increased.

An hour and a half soon, a great deal more damage.

"You can look at the degrading of the glass, lynch believed.

It isn't just jewelers' chemicals.Fresh freshly squeezed lemon juice or common household cleaners can also damage composite rubies.

"They might look like beautiful red rubies, discussed ron nelson, who said he had never heard of glass upvc grp composite resin rubies when he bought some from a tv auction channel.

"I thought i was buying a top notch jewel that would last forever, he was quoted saying.

Three of four rings bought were hybrids

So Pandora Glass Beads notice speedier the rubies"Gma"Received?

We took them to the american gemological labs in new york.After Cheap Pandora Beads Australia incredibly tiny and advanced analytical testing, captain christopher smith, director of the lab, said three this four ruby rings"Gma"Bought were hybrids.

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