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06 Jul 15 - 22:04

A True Religion Outlet UK spotlight on our cruelty free True Religion Jeans Cheap hemp fur

Signature feature of the hoodlamb winter collection is our cruelty free hemp fur aka satifur.The lining our winter jackets, furry hoodies and hoodlamb accessories are all made from this luscious fake fur.Once you touched and felt the warmth of satifur, you might find it hard to believe no rabbits were killed in order to create this super soft material.After years of trying to feed your curiosity with stories of little animals called hempsters, we finally unleashed a part of our satifur mystery in an interview for p+ magazine, a belgium magazine dedicated to sustainable business practices.All of who you who were Canerods still in doubt:No, we really don harm any animals for our fur.It 100% faux fur, made from hemp, acrylic and recycled pet.At hoodlamb we strive for progress and sustainability and try to implement new developments in eco-Technology every new season.This year we changed the composition of our satifur, replacing part of the acrylic with recycled pet.Check True Religion Jeans UK out this article highlighting our cruelty free hemp fur and find out more about sustainable development via their online platform!

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